Synchronization: The key to providing guests with the best resort spa experience

When guests stay at your resort / hotel spa, they leave with the feeling that they have made a unique and relaxing visit, or had two separate and different experiences: one as a hotel guest and Another as a spa visitor? This is problematic as guests may first consider using the spa alone to stay elsewhere, and vice versa on their next trip. Second, and most importantly, guests will feel less spoiled as they may have, which reduces the impact of their stay.
However, creating a sense that the spa and accommodation are inextricably linked allows guests to have a seamless experience, increase their well-being at departure and increase their chances of returning and introducing friends. increase.

How can hotels and spas work together to create this synergy, provide guests with the best possible experience, and ultimately increase spa use? Surprisingly, it plays an important role, but it does not just depend on whether the treatment is close to the room.
Before arrival, the booking person must ask if the spa guests plan to use the facility, if they plan to receive treatment, and if so, what services they will use. ..  spa alsace Then transfer the guest to the spa reservation or, if possible, book the treatment yourself. To educate unfamiliar guests, you should also view the spa offerings.

At check-in, employees are required to confirm spa reservations, ask questions about special meals and provide guests with a spa route. Work with food services to prepare menus for guests with special needs and to include nutritional information in the menu.

In the guest rooms, details such as exercise shorts and shirts, extra-thick spa towels, water bottles, clothes and spa / fitness schedules subtly connect the room to the spa. The room design should reflect the design of the spa. Decorate with similar colors and combine soft items. Use relaxing music, aromatherapy oil, lavender or linen spray bags as pillows to relieve gas during sleep. Consider a tent card or a guest guide insert in a yoga position. Assign Spa employees as guest guides. This guide allows guests to get the most out of the spa by taking a tour, identifying their goals, recommending services to achieve them, and revealing the least visible access to the spa. I will support you. Ideally, this guide also invites guests to “check in” regularly to remind their guests of their appointments and make sure everything is satisfactory.