Top five brand oil station in Thailand

          There are currently around 29,000 oil stations in Thailand, covering all regions. Oil station is one of the significant places for all people since the demand of the people who drive the car to travel in Thailand is on an upward trend. Because, if the car lacks the oil or gas, it cannot be utilized normally. I would list the top five brand of oil station in Thailand as follow:

1.      PT

          PTG Energy Public Company Limited owns PT. When compared to the other brands, PT has the most branches accessible, with over 2,200 oil stations in Thailand. It trades on the Thai stock market under the symbol “PTG.” Following the COVID-19 epidemic, PTG intends to expand the company this year by expanding the EV charging station, coffee shop, and others, with a fund of around 2,000 million Baht to support the project.

  1. PTT

           PTT Public Company Limited operates the PTT Oil Station. It got the largest market share, accounting for 46 percent, indicating that the majority of people utilize PTT’s services, despite the fact that the number of PTT oil stations is smaller than PT’s. It is also listed on the stock exchange market in Thailand under the symbol “PTT.” PTT aims to expand 90 gasoline stations, 230 EV charging stations, 400 Amazon Cafes, and 20 Texas Chicken locations this year, with a budget of 29,000 million Baht.

3.      Bangchak

          Bangchak Oil Station is run by Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited. The market share is around 13.30 percent. Bangchak Oil Station has around 1,200 locations throughout Thailand. It is also listed on the Thai stock exchange under the symbol “BCP.” The company intends to expand its business by adding 100 fuel stations, 100 EV charging stations, and 200 Inthanin Coffees locations. Furthermore, the business planned to sell 3,000 electric Winnonie motorcycles this year.

4.      SUSCO

          Susco Public Company Limited trades on the Thai stock exchange under the ticker “SUSCO.” Thailand had 250 SUSCO oil stations accessible last year. However, oil sales are expected to climb 30-40% this year as Thailand’s government announced that regulations to prevent the spread of COVID-19 have been lifted, allowing economic activity to continue. JET fuel sales are projected to increase, particularly if the Test & Go measure is utilized. The company has around 500 million Baht in funds to expand 20 gasoline stations, 10 EV charging stations, 6 KFC restaurants, and 3 Starbucks branches this year.

5.      Shell

Shell is Thailand’s first oil company under Shell Energy and Shell oil company, celebrating its 130th anniversary this year and elevating its Powering Progress strategy to support Thailand’s energy transition to a low-carbon society. In Thailand, there are over 660 branches. Shell expanded its operations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, such as by constructing an electric vehicle charging station, a hydrogen filling station for fuel cell vehicles, and solar and wind power generation. This oil brand, interestingly, received Thailand Energy Awards in 2020 and 2021. It is also listed on the Thai stock exchange under the symbol “SHEL.” Its annual revenue is 261.5 billion USD.

These are the top five oil stations brands in Thailand that are well known among the Thai people. These brands have a high standard of service and reliability. If you plan to travel in Thailand, not only know the oil station brands in Thailand, but also purchase the car insurance in Thailand of Rabbit Care to make your trip safe. If your car got damaged or hit another car on the road, The cost of repair and third party liability are covered under automobile insurance policy. Advantageously, you can contact surveyors to receive roadside assistance 24 hours.